Granthika Blog


This blog was created by the team at Granthika Co.

We are the makers of Granthika, an intelligent editor that understands the meaning of the words that you use to construct a document – Granthika understands what a person is, what a location is, what an event is. So as you write, you are constructing knowledge, not just putting together sequences of Unicode characters. Granthika is able to reason over the facts of your narrative, help you avoid contradictions and mistakes, analyse your text in insightful ways.

Granthika is based on reflexive text, which unifies text and knowledge in one seamless fabric. Reflexive text is a completely unprecedented, patent-pending technology which transparently blends syntax and semantics, words and their meanings.

If you are interested in writing, literature, language, programming, and a host of other interesting topics, watch this space.